Cannabis Distribution

We specialize in providing personalized, customized Distribution & Packaging services to Central Coast, Bay Area, and Northern California cultivators and manufacturers.

Letting go of your precious, carefully-crafted goods can be a nerve-racking experience. You used to be able to simply haul a duffle bag around to your local dispensaries. But these days getting from harvest to market is a lengthy, complicated, often mysterious process. As a Distributor for the entirety of licensing; for over 2 years; we’ve developed our system, refined our practices, weathered the integration to Metrc, and emerged with a wider territory, more accounts, a stronger team, and a no-nonsense commitment getting your product sold, collecting yo money, and getting you paid!

We’re are expert in all phases of the process including: storage, handling, testing, compliance, packaging, labeling, design, pre-roll manufacturing, transportation and sales.

Contact • 831-461-4181 • instagram: @farmermax420