Order Shishito Peppers today!

We will ship to you using Fed-Ex Next 2-Day Air in an insulated box and you will have your flat of peppers in your hands.

Shishito Peppers
10 Pound Flat of Shishito Peppers

We have peppers available right now and expect to have them into the winter. They are crisp, fresh and mild with excellent shelf life. We pick right before we ship, so you can expect the freshest peppers possible.

Contact us for pricing, availability and any questions. Thanks.


Our Hydroponic Produce on the Store Shelves in Santa Cruz!

IMG_0674Shishito Peppers are available again this week at Sunnyside Produce in Soquel, Deluxe Foods in Aptos and at Casalegno’s Farm Stand on Old San Jose Road just past the Casalegno Store. Buy some peppers today. They’re somewhat sweet, barely spicy and totally delicious!

Casalegno’s Farm Stand also sells our strawberries. Please go up there and buy some.

strawberriesAnd as of September 1, Shopper’s Corner in Santa Cruz is carrying 1-pound clamshells of our best strawberries. Buy some while they last. (I’ll have them into November though – so don’t panic)


Peppers, Tomatoes and Strawberries, Oh My!

Hydroponic shishito pepper plants growing in rockwool slabs.

There’s a lot going on this season: This is where to buy Albion Strawberries, Japanese Shishito Peppers, and 2 kinds of heirloom tomatoes. And of course, they’re all grown outdoors, hydroponically, with not a drop of wasted water, using no sprays of any kind, ever!